The ‘Peripheries’ of Gender and Sexuality

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Join a Max Weber Multidisciplinary Research Workshop with Fellows Anna Dobrowolska (MWF-HEC), Gözde Kılıç (MWF-HEC), Revital Madar (MWF-LAW), Zala Pavšič (MWF-HEC) and Edit Frenyo (MWF-LAW).

This workshop brings together researchers working on topics related to sexuality and gender in places often defined as the ‘peripheries’, both in Europe and beyond. While acknowledging the problematic character of this category, the workshop aims to inquire into the ways in which de-centralising and de-westernising our study of sexuality can offer fruitful avenues for interdisciplinary research as well as broaden our understanding of how sexual and gender identities can be performed, narrated, and contested. By doing so, the workshop intends to question binary categories such as ‘backwardness’ and ‘progress’, ‘liberation’ and ‘repression’ ‘East’ and ‘West’, ‘centre’ and ‘periphery’.

The Zoom link will be provided following registration. The deadline for registration is 16 May, 9.00 AM CEST.

The programme


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