Persistent Inequalities: Studying Gender in the 21st Century

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14 March 2017 –¬†Multidisciplinary Workshop organised by the Max Weber Programme. Even as more and more countries make gender equality a goal of public policy, gender hierarchies persevere across a range of contexts and metrics.

What explains the persistence of gender inequalities? What are the mechanisms that reproduce these inequalities? What public policies and political approaches have the best ability to overcome gender hierarchy? Finally, how is gender (in)equality at the societal level linked to within-household inequalities? To what extent does gender inequality emerge within families? How much of it is a by-product of a wider societal system?

Bringing together the approaches of scholars in sociology, political theory, and economics, this day-long multidisciplinary workshop will feature innovative research that examines, from a variety of methodological and thematic perspectives, the persistence of gender inequality.

The workshop will feature three panels as well as two keynote speakers. Each panel will focus on a different aspect of gender inequality: (1) Social Policy and the Welfare State; (2) Labor Markets; and (3) Household Inequality

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