Prof. Lucy Riall


Lucy Riall is Professor of History at the EUI, where she hold the Chair in Comparative History. She has written extensively on 19th and 20th century Italian history, most notably her Garibaldi: The Invention of a Hero (2007); Risorgimento: The History of Italy from Napoleon to the Nation State (2009); and her prize-winning Under the Volcano: Revolution in a Sicilian Town (2013).  Her current research interests include in the relationship between masculinity and politics in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Europe, with particular reference to the development of leader cults, the representation of war and the military, and nationalism.

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Gender-related publications:

  • ‘Eroi maschili, virilità e forme della guerra,’ in A. Banti & P. Ginsborg (eds), Storia d’Italia. Annali 22. Il Risorgimento (Turin, Einaudi, 2007), 253-88.
  • ‘Martyr cults in nineteenth-century Italy,’ Journal of Modern History, 82/2, 2010, 255-87
  • ‘Men at war: masculinity and military ideals in the Risorgimento,’ in S. Patriarca and L. Riall (eds), The Risorgimento revisited: Nationalism and Culture in 19th-Century Italy (London, Palgrave, 2012), 152-70
  • ‘Guerre et nation dans l’Italie du Risorgimento,’ Revue de l’histoire du xix siècle, 44/1 (2012), 49-64
  • The sex lives of Italian patriots,’ in V. Babini, C. Beccalossi and L. Riall (eds), Italian sexualities uncovered (London, Palgrave, forthcoming 2015)