Prof. Corinna Unger

Corinna Unger (Department of History and Civilization)

Corinna Unger is Professor of History at the EUI, where she holds the Chair in Global and Colonial History.

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Gender-related publications:

  • Heinrich Hartmann and Corinna R. Unger, “Family, Sexuality, and Gender”, in Twentieth Century Population Thinking: A Critical Reader of Primary Sources, ed. The Population Knowledge Network (Abingdon: Routledge, 2016), 115-141.
  • Corinna R. Unger, “The Making of the Small Family Norm in post-1947 India”, Contemporanea 18.3 (2015): 483-488.
  • Corinna R. Unger, “Family Planning: A Rational Choice? The Influence of Systems Approaches, Behavioralism, and Rational Choice Thinking on Mid-Twentieth Century Family Planning Programs”, in A World of Populations: Transnational Perspectives on Demography in the Twentieth Century, ed. Heinrich Hartmann and Corinna R. Unger (New York: Berghahn Books, 2014), 58-82.
  • Corinna R. Unger, “Einteilen, sparen, sinnvoll ausgeben‘: Entwicklungspolitische Diskurse über Geldverhalten und Geschlecht im 20. Jahrhundert”, L’Homme 22.2 (2011): 65-76.