Out in the outskirts: LGBTQ+ lives beyond metropoles

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Time: 22 March 2022, 14:00 – 19:00 CET

Place: Teatro, Badia Fiesolana

The EUI Queer and Feminist Studies Working Group is organising a round-table session to present and discuss recent research on the experience of non-metropolitan LGBTQ+ communities.
Given that in the last decades LGBTQ+ history research has consistently focused on big cities such as Budapest, London and New York, this event wants to shed light on queer lives in small urban centres and villages. In many European countries, such as Italy for instance, most people live in smaller towns where some of them become aware of their homosexuality. With this round-table we want to bring a subject to the debate that deserves further investigation and that can help us to diversify queer histories beyond, as it were, the beaten track.

Presentations planned:

Kamil Karczewski (EUI, Florence): Queer Sex and the Village: Sexual and Gender Dissidence in Rural Poland in the Interwar Period

Gabriella Romano (Rome): Subverting “Back to the Kitchen”. Memories of food and lesbian love affairs in Italy’s 1950s

Javier Cuevas (University of Malaga): LGBTQ+ History of Spain beyond the Big Cities. The arrival of International Tourism in Torremolinos during the Franco Dictatorship

Sean Brady (Birkbeck, London): Being LGBTQ+ in the Two Irelands – a contemporary history of life in the outskirts

The full programme: out_in_the_outskirts

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