Making Visible the Invisible: The Legacy of Women in Europe and Beyond

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24 November 2023, Sala del Consiglio – Villa Salviati – Via Bolognese 156, 50139 Firenze, Italy

A round table discussion and archival visit organised for Florence’s 2023 festival ‘L’Eredità delle Donne’ with the support of the EUI Library, the Historical Archives of the European Union, the EUI’s Office of Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness, and Ponte Europa.

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Women have shaped the history of Europe and the world, but their stories often remain in the shadows, or untold.

Starting from this observation, the roundtable “Making Visible the Invisible: The Legacy of Women in Europe and Beyond” aims to shed light on the legacy of those many invisible women who struggled for emancipation and women’s rights, preparing the ground for today’s pursuit of an inclusive gender equality that supercedes the binary divide between women and men. It also seeks to decentre a narrative that is too often exclusively focused on achievements in the western world.

The panelists, who are researchers specialising in areas such as women’s history, the role of gender in contemporary education, and on governance and gender mainstreaming in Rwanda, will examine the legacy of heretofore “invisible” women in Europe and beyond, and conduct an open debate with participants in the audience.

The one-hour discussion in Sala del Consiglio will be followed by a presentation by the Historical Archives of the European Union introducing its mission and presenting selected archival sources on women who participated in the European integration process such as Ursula Hirschmann, Simone Veil, Fausta Deshormes La Valle, Sofia Corradi, Yvonne de Wergifosse and Fabrizia Baduel Glorioso.

The event will also explore the development of gender studies at the EUI.

L’Eredità delle Donne is an annual festival in Florence dedicated to female empowerment. The festival will take place from 24-26 November 2023, with main events at Manifattura Tabacchi and numerous ‘off’ events, such as this one at the EUI, around the city. This event will be conducted in English.

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