From Gendering Management to Managing Gender – The Complex Trajectory of an Instrument of Power.

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22 November 2018 – Ursula Hirschmann Lecture Series, from 4 to 6 pm, in sala del Consiglio (Villa Salviati), with Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic (Scences-Po, Paris)

The twentieth century can arguably be dubbed the century of management. As management ideas spread and project efficiency, neutrality and universality, they turn into a powerful and (nearly) taken-for-granted “regime of truth”. But management is not the natural habitat of humanity. Instead, it is an historically inscribed and socially constructed institution and hence neither neutral nor depoliticized. In fact, it is a very potent instrument of power with particularly significant expression in gender relations.

Starting from an overview of key stages in the evolution of management, we then explore how the framing of gender relations through management and management ideas has evolved through time – from the hard inscription into structures, tools, processes and culture of rigid gender stereotypes to the progressive, real but reluctant at times, attempt at breaking down those walls and ceilings that have traditionally kept women at the periphery.

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