Florence Queer Festival – 17th edition

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15-20 October 2019, Cinema “La Compagnia”, Firenze

The FLORENCE QUEER FESTIVAL is the most important festival in Tuscany dedicated to queer culture (gay, lesbian, transgender.. and many more), organized by the IREOS association of Florence.

The festival grew to become one of the most frequented of the Florence scene, and one of the most important LGBT Italian festivals.

The festival was launched in 2003 as a four-day gathering in a Florentine theater and continually expanded its program, events, and audiences. Starting in 2008, the festival began to take part in the “50 Giorni di Cinema Internazionale a Firenze” (50 Days of International Cinema in Florence), a project of Mediateca Regionale Toscana Film Commission for the Region of Tuscany in collaboration with the Province and City of Florence.

Films and videos, theatre and photography, and literature are all at the core of how the FQF proposes to represent the spheres of gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans*, and intersex life, a queer identity that is constantly in movement and evolving, while intending to transcend the stereotypes that have been long enforced. Contemporary queer culture is one that has freed itself from the rigid bonds of identity, that has the ability to speak to all types of people, and communicates stories in which sexual identity is but one of the elements within the narrative.

Inside the FQF, you can find VIDEOQUEER, a short films contest that speaks to our contemporary times, from everyday life and the hope for affirmation, desires and fantasies, to cross-cultural comparisons that reveal varying conditions and diverse perspectives.

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