Conference Intimately Material, 20-21 May 2024 – programme

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Conference “Intimately Material – Violence, Social reproduction and Queerness in transition

20-21 May 2024, European University Institute, Florence, Italy

While the end of the 20th century saw a resurgence of socialist politics in developing countries, especially in Latin America, other global events told a different story. The collapse of the socialist bloc in Central and Eastern Europe, the war in Yugoslavia, and the transition of China’s socialist-oriented economy to one with strong capitalist characteristics challenged the continued relevance and viability of Marxist thought. Simultaneously, the rise of neoliberal identity politics in Europe and the US has turned the economic and symbolic oppression of LGBTQ+people, women, migrants, and people of colour into free-standing and self-contained cultural matters. In the 21st century, this transformation has extendedbeyond the US and Western Europe. It has obscured that various forms of oppression are intimately tied to political and economic processes that shape people’s lives. Furthermore, it turned said forms of oppression into tools for political gain, exacerbating global inequalities and reinforcing a neoliberalist hegemony.

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