Ursula Hirschmann Annual Lectures

Ursula Hirschmann lecture 2021 – video recording

Brenda Hale, Baroness Hale of Richmond, the former President of the UK Supreme Court, gave the 2021 Ursula Hirschmann Lecture. The Regulation of Human Reproduction was the crucial and timely topic Lady Hale discussed from judicial, social, ethical and political perspectives. She addressed issues around family planning in diverse settings including surrogacy and sperm donation. […]

Regulating human reproduction – Ursula Hirschmann Lecture by Brenda Hale on 8 November

8 November 2021, 17.00 CET, Sala Europa and via Zoom.  In the framework of the Ursula Hirschmann Lecture Series, this hybrid event is jointly organised with the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. Most of the time, when we talk of regulating reproduction, we are talking of regulating women’s reproduction – enforcing chastity, only allowing abortion […]

A new identity for identity: Rethinking sex and gender with Anne Fausto Sterling

By Adriana Urbano Professor Anne Fausto Sterling, Emeritus Professor of Biology at Brown University, delivered the 2019 Ursula Hirschmann Lecture on Gender at the EUI. In her talk, she laid out what she thinks developmental psychology is getting wrong and how we need to rethink gender and sex. A mistaken approach to gender Professor Anne […]

Sex/gender, Sexual Orientation and Bodies: A Conversation with Anne Fausto-Sterling

6 November 2019 at 10:00 – Sala degli Stemmi, Villa Salviati Seminar in the framework of the Ursula Hirschmann Lecture Series jointly organised by the HEC Department and the RSCAS Eminent  biologist of gender and sexuality Anne Fausto-Sterling will give an informal seminar from 10:00-12:00 on Friday 6 November. The seminar is reserved to doctoral […]

Gender/sex Identity is in the body. How did it get there?

Lecture by Anne Fausto-Sterling (Nancy Duke Lewis Professor Emerita of Biology and Gender Studies at Brown University), in the framework of the Ursula Hirschmann Lecture Series 5 November 2019, 17:00-19:00, Theatre, Badia Fiesolana In this lecture, I will explore theoretical and empirical approaches to the development of gender/sex and sexual orientation. Leaving behind the nature […]

From Gendering Management to Managing Gender – The Complex Trajectory of an Instrument of Power.

22 November 2018 – Ursula Hirschmann Lecture Series, from 4 to 6 pm, in sala del Consiglio (Villa Salviati), with Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic (Scences-Po, Paris) The twentieth century can arguably be dubbed the century of management. As management ideas spread and project efficiency, neutrality and universality, they turn into a powerful and (nearly) taken-for-granted “regime of truth”. But management […]