Roundtable Discussion on Repression of Gender Studies and LGBTIQ Presence in Academia, 12 April 2021, 3.00PM (CEST)

In the face of the recent and countless repressive events against gender studies and LGBTQI rights which took place in various places of Europe, the Queer and Feminist Studies Working Group is convening a roundtable gathering LGBTQI scholars from Italy, Hungary, and Belarus. Not so far from Florence, Patrick George Zaky, a master’s student of […]

Benno Gammerl delivers the 4th Goldsmiths Queer History Annual Lecture on 23rd March 2021, 7.00pm GMT

This year’s annual lecture also gives us the opportunity to celebrate the publication of Dr Gammerl’s book Anders Fühlen: Schwules und lesbisches Leben in der Bundesrepublik. Eine Emotionsgeschichte and his appointment as chair for the history of gender and sexuality at the European University Institute in Florence. Good times – and also very bad ones: […]

We Don’t Accept, We Don’t Give Up!

  As EUI-LGBTIQ Interdisciplinary Working Group, we would like to demonstrate our solidarity with BU-LGBTI+ in İstanbul, Turkey. On January 1st, 2021, the rector of Boğaziçi University was appointed without any democratic election in the university. This act of violation of academic freedom and scientific autonomy has been contested by professors, students, and workers of the university for many weeks. Unfortunately, the violence has escalated since January 29, 2021. One art […]

‘A special friendship’: traces of the queer in sources about girls’ education in the Netherlands Indies, c. 1900-1940

Friday, 22 March at 3:00 PM – Sala degli Stemmi, Villa Salviati Speaker: Kirsten Kamphuis (PhD researcher, EUI, HEC) Abstract: While same-sex desire often functions as a trope in writings about girls’ education, especially in boarding schools, source material produced by adults tends to be silent about this topic. In my own research  project, which focuses […]

Collective Coping Strategies of Sex Worker Transgender Women in Urban Turkey

Wednesday, 27 February at 3:00 PM – Sala del Capitolo, Badia Fiesolana Speaker: Ezgi Guler (PhD researcher, EUI, SPS) Abstract: Violence, discrimination, and financial insecurity are the problems sex workers struggle with globally. Particularly, the least protected members of our societies, such as transgender sex workers, are targeted with these threats disproportionately. Research has consistently […]

Decriminalizing and Policing Homosexuals: Homophobia in Interwar Warsaw

Friday 25 January 2019, 3:00 PM – Seminar Room 1, Badia Fiesolana Speaker: Kamil Karczewski (EUI Researcher, HEC) Abstract: The new Polish penal code of 1932 decriminalized same-sex relations, opening new possibilities for homosexuals, especially in the upper echelons of society. At the same time, however, the criminalization of same-sex prostitution (both male and female) […]