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History of Human Rights from a Queer perspective – new article

Benno Gammerl and Craig Griffiths recently published an article (in German) on the history of human rights from a queer perspective Read the article “Presseerklärung der Nationalen Arbeitsgruppe Repression gegen Schwule (1979)” on Quellen zur Geschichte der Menschenrechte  

Report – Queer Pedagogies workshop May 2022

Queer Pedagogies Report on a Workshop held at the European University Institute on 30 and 31 May 2022 Marta Chmielewska   We opened the workshop by mapping the reasons and inspirations for organizing the event. Firstly, we mentioned recent policies that limit queer knowledge exchanges and target queerness in educational settings. Secondly, we gave a critical […]

New book by Benno Gammerl – interviews

                Benno Gammerl recently published a book (in German) on a Queer History of Germany from 1871 to the present Want to know more? Read Benno Gammerl’s interviews (also in German): Queerer Kanon? Deutschlandfunkkultur        

Queer dis-eases: disruptive histories, politics, and bodies

On 22 and 23 May the Queer and Feminist Studies Working Group at the EUI in Florence will hold its international conference on Queer Dis-eases: Disruptive Histories, Politics, and Bodies. Queer Dis-eases conference programme Please register here in order to get a seat or receive the ZOOM link to attend online.

Queer tra colonialismo e migrazioni – public event in Florence

28 April 2023, 16.00, Libri Liberi bookshop, Florence, Italy In the context of LGBT+ History Month, the EUI Queer and Feminist Studies Working Group facilitates a conversation between researchers, activists of LGBTQ+ associations, and the public. The event is in Italian Cosa c’entra il queer con il colonialismo e le migrazioni? In occasione dell’LGBT+ History […]

Let’s talk about sex! Zeitgeschichte und Sexualitäten

The research centre for contemporary history in Hamburg, Germany, is hosting a series of talks on sexualities. The first talk will be given by Benno Gammerl, professor for the history of gender and sexuality at the EUI on Thursday, 20 April, at 6.30 pm CET. The events are in German and they are also open […]