Call for Papers – Queer dis-eases: disruptive histories, politics, and bodies

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Conference at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy
22 – 23 May 2023

Deadline for submission of proposals: 31st January
Disciplines: Humanities and Arts, Political and Social Sciences, Medicine, and more.
Modalities: You can propose papers, performances, workshops, and any other format that you think suits the conference.

Queering is a productive point of departure from which to break down traditional cultural and scholarly categories and hierarchies. Queerness inherently positions itself against dominant modes of thought, creating social, political, and affective discomfort.
However, it also enables the production of scholarship that draws the marginal to the centre, shifting the focus of analysis to bodies, histories, and research tools that generate dis-eases. Not only can such a disruption allow one to examine the limitations of existing structures more clearly, but also to subvert and overcome them with potential liberatory futurities.
Such a productive understanding of queerness that allows us to forge bonds between people, disciplines, and temporalities is also the force behind this conference. We aim to provide a space for dialogue and for
encounters among different methodologies and ways of experiencing queer dis-ease.

How to participate: Submit abstracts of 250-350 words along with a biography of no more than 100 words to: [email protected] by 31st January 2023

For more information, download the call for papers


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