Book presentation on 15th June 2021 at 5.30pm (CEST): Feeling differently. A new book on the history of homosexualities in West Germany

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Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 17:30 (CEST), Sala del Consiglio, Villa Salviati (Hybrid Mode),

Queer history is currently gaining more and more attention in Germany. One sign for this is Benno Gammerl’s recent book anders fühlen. Schwules und lesbisches Leben in der Bundesrepublik. Eine Emotionsgeschichte. The author will briefly discuss his work and then Berlin-based historians Andrea Rottmann and Sébastien Tremblay will share comments and questions on the book. Afterwards we will open the floor for further conversations about emotions, about oral history and about queer history in Germany and elsewhere. The session will be chaired by Marta Chmielewska.

Dr. Andrea Rottmann is a historian of gender and sexuality with a focus on queer history. She got her PhD at the University of Michigan and is now living in Berlin. Her dissertation “Queer Home Berlin? Making Queer Selves and Spaces in the Divided City, 1945-1970”, has won dissertation prizes from the Coalition of Women in German as well as from the Arbeitskreis Historische Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung. Forthcoming articles in the Tel Aviver Geschichtsblätter and the Journal of the History of Sexuality focus on sociability and surveillance in queer bars in West Berlin and on women’s prisons as neglected sites of queer German history. Her book, Queer Lives Across the Wall: A Different History of Divided Berlin, 1945-1970, is set to appear in 2022. She is currently translating it for publication in Germany.

Dr. Sébastien Tremblay is presently a postdoctoral researcher in Global History at the Friedrich-Meinecke-Institute at Freie Universität Berlin where he completed his doctoral studies in 2020 at the DFG Graduate School of Global Intellectual History. From July onward, he will be visiting scholar at the Centre for Queer History at Goldsmiths, University of London where he also spent time as a guest scholar in 2019. His dissertation contributed to both the fields of queer history and global history, and he is presently working on a book manuscript preliminarily titled ‘A Badge of Injury: The Pink Triangle as Global Symbol of Gay and Lesbian Identities in the 20th Century.’ The book focuses on new trends in intellectual history and traces the visual conceptual history of queer collective memory mediated across time and space. Starting this October, Sébastien will be postdoctoral fellow at the IRC Cluster of Excellence “Contestations of the Liberal Script” (SCRIPTS), where he will be working on the intricacies of queer temporalities, liberalism, and homonationalism.

The event will take place in hybrid mode. Please register with Francesca Parenti ([email protected]) before 13th June,  mentioning if you prefer to attend in presence or on ZOOM. We remind you that we can host only 15 people in Sala del Consiglio according to the COVID 19 measures. The ZOOM link will be sent the day before the event.

N.B. After the event a cocktail will be served at 18:30 in Sala della Conchiglia at Villa Salviati

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