Book presentation: Chiara Bottici and the ontology of transindividuality

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On 17 April at 17.00 CEST, the EUI Queer and Feminist Studies Working Group and the Library host a hybrid book presentation by Political and Social Sciences Alumnus and Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Florence, Chiara Bottici.

Associate Professor of Philosphy at the New School for Social Research, Director of the New School’s Gender and Sexuality Studies and EUI alumna, Chiara Bottici will come back to the EUI to present her latest book, Anarchafeminism. With it, she crafts an invaluable contribution to the feminist tradition that highlights the intersectional nature of GENDER oppression. Anarchafeminism presents the utopian vision of a society where people desire and fight for their liberation without creating more hierarchies for other people and for non-human living beings. In order to articulate a feminism that works for all women, LGBTQ people and is free of essentialism, she presents the ontology of the transindividual. She had already presented that concept in her previous book, A Feminist Mythology, in which she used story-telling to explore the different variants of the myth of “womanhood”. That is why, in this presentation, we will look at both books in conversation, in order to get a more comprehensive overview of Bottici’s ideas and propositions.

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