Benno Gammerl delivers the 4th Goldsmiths Queer History Annual Lecture on 23rd March 2021, 7.00pm GMT

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This year’s annual lecture also gives us the opportunity to celebrate the publication of Dr Gammerl’s book Anders Fühlen: Schwules und lesbisches Leben in der Bundesrepublik. Eine Emotionsgeschichte and his appointment as chair for the history of gender and sexuality at the European University Institute in Florence.

Good times – and also very bad ones: Queer history in modern Germany

How can one write the queer history of twentieth-century Germany with its pioneering advances and its catastrophic backlashes? The talk traces the intricate temporalities linking queer pasts in Imperial, Weimar, Nazi, East, West and re-united Germany. This will also help us to better understand the at times conflictual simultaneity of stigmatizing, emancipatory and normalizing dynamics. What do these insights imply for contemporary activism?