Miriam Felicia Curci

Letter to Hungarian authorities

The representatives of 119 teaching programmes in gender studies send a joint letter to the Hungarian Minister of Education 24 August 2018 following the Hungarian government’s proposed law to abolish the accredited MA program in gender studies in Hungary. Read the letter

Motherhood in the Age of Fear. Women are being harassed and even arrested for making perfectly rational parenting decisions.

This is a really important article that gets at the heart of misogyny in one of its deepest dwelling places: feelings about motherhood and the idea that mothers can never sacrifice themselves too much. This deeply pernicious conviction comes back dressed in slightly different clothing with each generation, but it never, ever dies. That is […]

Piccola guida (a fumetti) contro le aggressioni razziste e le molestie

Come reagire quando si assiste a una molestia o a un’ingiustizia? Spesso non sappiamo cosa fare e veniamo bloccati dalla “sindrome dello spettatore”. Una giovane illustratrice da Parigi ci viene in aiuto… Rossana Caviglioli, Io Donna, 7 settembre 2016 Read the article 

All Things Ill-Considered: NPR’s Sexist Blunder

Everyday sexism strikes again – The story of how one woman scholar was erased from co-authorship of her own book by the seemingly effortless (but in fact effortful), apparently unconscious sexism of NPR announcer Anders Kelto. “Is there anything more gratifying to a nice, liberal academic than turning on NPR and hearing them talk about a book […]

2018 International Academic Conference on Organized Crime and Gender

11-13 July 2018 UNODC’s Education for Justice initiative and the Migration Policy Centre will convene an International Academic Conference on the gender and gendered dynamics of organized crime, including trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants. The Conference will be held from 11 to 13 July 2018 at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. […]

Seahorses Group

September 2017 – Exactly a year ago, a group of staff members, researchers, outsources staff and professors set up a new community group called “ seahorses” focusing on day to day body and power politics in academia. As seahorses, we questioned our relations to each other, experimenting different ways of being together, working together, trying to make […]